We educate our students to become “developers” rather than “users” of computer technology, by using a breadth-first strategy in objective-oriented programming, data structure and logic design courses. Additionally, the department requires an in-depth study of operating systems, software engineering and networking.


Students consistently point back to the relationships they had with their professors as the defining high point in their time at Bellarmine. 该 Computer Science department boasts small class sizes and high faculty interaction that ensures students will not become numbers or nameless faces.

In addition to small class sizes, Bellarmine University has a long-standing tradition of providing its students with an educational foundation in the liberal arts that prepares them for the workforce or further study. Computer Engineering graduates are not only prepared in their particular field of study but also possess communication and critical thinking skills that will enable them to go far in their careers. We have many industries in Louisville that offer our department’s students more internships than we can accommodate.


该 计算机工程理学学士学位 is a highly structured and rigorous program that allows the student to pursue studies in the hardware area of computing. Our program emphasizes computer architecture. A math minor is automatically earned in the completion of the degree.


Bellarmine features both Microsoft’s Visual Studio .NET (including C++, VB and C#, Visio and Project software) and the open-source Linux development environments on Intel Pentium 4-based PCs. Students also have the option of using the same software on their personal computers. Other platforms used include Sun’s Java SDK and NetBeans. Students enrolled in hardware courses have access to a logic design lab and computer architecture lab. Two “cluster” machines are available for more advanced computing—a Microway cluster computer featuring 22 AMD Opetron microprocessors and running SuSE Linux, and a student-built cluster machine from PCs.


  1. 成功的计算机工程专业的学生将展示开发的计算机程序来解决问题的能力。
  2. 成功的计算机工程专业的学生将展示能力与操作系统和计算机网络。
  3. 成功的计算机工程专业的学生将展示在软件工程工具的设计和开发能力。
  4. 成功的计算机工程专业的学生将展示的电流的方法来设计数字系统的理解。
  5. 成功的计算机工程专业的学生将展示在计算机体系结构的熟练程度。


必修课程: CS 130,131,215,221,310,324,330,360,365,400,415,421,425,450,和六小时内从300 - 或400级计算机科学的课程选择。
需要相关的课程: ECON 110; MATH 117, 118, 120, 215, 314, 321 and one additional course from MATH 301, 315, 352, 405 or 430; PHYS 205, 206, 211, and one more course at the 300 or 400 level from either Physics or Mathematics.


计算机工程科学学士学位提供学生与追求的事业在计算机领域的硬件领域的机会, in information systems, programming, software engineering, and mobile computing, or for graduate study. 该 emphasis of the program is on system design and architecture.

Yes. Bellarmine guarantees every student the opportunity to have an internship, develop a career plan and build a professional network. Though an internship is not required, more internships 可每年比部门有学生填写他们。w88优德体育计算机工程专业的学生在每一个大公司在Louisville:

  • 地区医院
  • 蓝十字/屏蔽
  • Brown & Williamson
  • 资本控股
  • 通用电气
  • IBM
  • LG&E
  • 新地平线
  • UPS
  • 味道好极了!品牌

是。请到w88优德体育的 财政援助网站 关于财政援助计划的详细信息。此外,学生可以与我们的教师发展中心工作,以申请助学金和 在w88优德体育产品以外的奖项。

学生有自己的学习风格所以这可以相差很大。作为一个经验法则,预计要花两小时的平均为你花每隔一小时学习 在班上。


Lewis Bertolucci

“After graduating from Bellarmine in 2003, I’ve been able to pursue my passion for social media at a Fortune 75 company. 该 wide range of perspectives at Bellarmine, in addition to the many educational, service and extracurricular 机会,成为了我的职业生涯奠定了基础。不管你的激情,你可以在w88优德体育追求它。”



毕业s with a computer engineering degree from Bellarmine University have career options in software development, computer engineering, web development, systems management and more. 该y are typically able to find jobs quickly following graduation and, on average, have a starting salary higher than graduates of many other programs—about $40,000 annually. In most cases, our graduates opt for immediate employment, but a few have pursued graduate studies in computer science or electrical engineering at schools such as Purdue, Notre Dame and University of Louisville.


美国计算机协会 has a local student chapter on campus that hosts programming contests, both monthly meetings for community building and allows students to participate in service projects. Students also take visits to research institutions and advise the departmental offerings.


Robert Kelley

Dr. Rob Kelley joined Bellarmine University's Computer Science area in fall 2018. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering and Computer Science from the Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville in 2010. For his dissertation research, he developed a new frequency-hopping scheme for wireless sensor networks under the direction of Anup Kumar.

After receiving his doctorate, Dr. Kelley moved to the University of Louisville School of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases (ID) under the supervision of Dr. Julio Ramirez. While with ID he was responsible for managing the clinical data sets for several clinical trials relating to respiratory diseases, HIV and refugee health as well as conducting research in data visualization and machine learning for clinical data sets. Immediately prior to coming to Bellarmine, Dr. Kelley was an assistant professor of Computer Science at St. Mary’s College of Maryland from 2016-2018.



Bellarmine University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award baccalaureate, masters, and doctorate degrees.




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