Ph.D. in Education and Social Change

Earn your doctorate in education and help change the playing field for children living in poverty.

Why earn your Ph.D. in Education at Bellarmine?



  • Quantitative and qualitative research practices;
  • Assets and challenges of children living in high poverty predicaments;
  • Development and diffusion of innovative education solutions;
  • Change management; and
  • Depth of knowledge in a chosen area of study related to improving learning for all citizens.

At the heart of our Ph.D. program is a commitment to improve learning and social justice for some of the world’s most challenged children and adults.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How would this program benefit me in the workplace?
A. The mission of the Bellarmine Ph.D. in Education and Social Change, consistent with Catholic social justice teachings, is to prepare “change agents” who improve education for children and other citizens living in poverty circumstances. The principles of change management can be applied to any environment. Whether you are employed in the public/private P-12 school system, a non-profit or higher education institution, the Ph.D. in Education & Social Change will teach you how to lead and initiate change in your organization for children and adults in high poverty circumstances.

Q. When does the program start?
A. The cohort typically begins each fall in early September. If a spring cohort is able to begin, then classes would begin in early January.

Q. When do classes meet?
一个。前三节目里,课程将在周五下午5-10见面和星期六上午8点 - 下午5点6个周末一个学期。第四个项目今年将是本论文的一年。高等教育管理课程,可满足一个星期的一个晚上。所有其他浓度课程将只在周末格式提供。

Q. How much time would I need to spend outside of class to be prepared for class?

For more frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQ page.

Program Objectives

  • Examine education issues associated with poverty within a perspective of social justice.
  • Evaluate change theories and practices aimed at improving education access and outcomes for all people.
  • Evaluate secondary research and formulate an original argument; then design, implement, analyze and disseminate an empirical research study.
  • Develop and implement interventions informed by theory and empirical evidence for the purpose of promoting positive change.

Ph.D. in Education and Social Change Dissertations


  • Dr. Jennifer Englert-Copeland - Privilege, Bias and Cultural Competence: An Examination of How Lived Experience Shapes Academic Advising Practices
  • Dr. Stephanie White - Parents with Criminal Record History and Their Experiences Navigating Parental Involvement in an Urban Elementary School: A Case Study
  • Dr. Elizabeth Cassady - An Examination of the Use of Reading Fluency Indicators to Predict ACT Scores of First-Year College Students
  • Dr. Alexandra Taylor - Choice as an Antecedent Intervention Provided to Children with Emotional Disturbances


  • Dr. Jordan Wiehebrink - Self-efficacy as a Predictor of Interview Performance and Admission Yield for Doctor of Physical Therapy Applicants
  • Dr. Tiffany Marshall - An Interpretive Study of African American Female Elementary Principals Experiences in a Southeastern Public Urban School District
  • Dr. Patrick Englert - Experiences Explored Through the Prism:Out Gay and Lesbian Pathways to University Presidency
  • Dr. Wallis Owens - Measuring Teacher Expectations: A Generalizability Study
  • 博士。托马斯malewitz - 没有人是一座孤岛:一所天主教高中课程应对欺凌的基础上,从托马斯默顿博士的著作主题的学习经历。洛雷塔·哈丁导师作为一个历史的儿童的保护因素 of Paternal Incarceration
  • Dr. Stephen Lin - Student Social Services in Kentucky’s Schools: Understanding the Impact of FRYSCs on Student Achievement


  • Dr. April Brooks - A Study of Lived Experience of African American Male Principals in Urban Elementary Schools
  • Dr. Mary Jamey Twitchell Herdelin - Identifying eBook Pedagogies for Literacy Instruction: A Qualitative Content Analysis
  • Dr. Christine Bojanowski - Transition for Students with Autism: A Multi-Case Qualitative Study Exploring How Male Students with Autism Experience Postsecondary Education
  • Dr. Becky Goetzinger - A Study of the Relationship between Oral Language and Sight Word Acquisition in First Grade Students
  • Dr. Jack F. Jacobs - School Counselor Transgender Advocacy Development: An Exploratory Qualitative Study
  • Dr. Sarah Ramage - Student Success Behaviors and Gender: Exploring the Impact on First-Year Students
  • Dr. Andrea Bennett - The Impacts of Parents Having Health Insurance on their Children's Healthcare
  • Dr. Doris Mann - The Effects of a Poverty Simulation on Immediate and Sustained Participant Empathy
  • Dr. Sarah N. Merimee - Reading Fluency Instruction of Students with Cognitive Disabilities Using a Multiple Probe Methodology


  • Dr. Amy Dickinson - The Potential of a Virtual School to Help Motivate Students
  • Dr. Amanda R. McMullan - The Impact of Full and Half-Day Head Start Prpograms on Kindergarten Readiness
  • Dr. Heather E. Orman - The Impact of Expertise and After-School Program Dosage on At-Risk Student Achievement
  • Dr. Kayla Steltenkamp - A Comparative Study of Three Approaches for Enhancing Teaching Knowledge of Dyslexia


  • Dr. Elisha W. Beardsley - Survival Analysis: Timelines to English Language Proficiency at the Secondary School Level
  • Dr. Sarah Nash Bumpas - Cyberbullying Prevention: Intervention Effects on Student Involvement
  • Dr. Elizabeth W. Mandeel - Managing Manacles: The Daily Struggles of Unauthorized Latina Mothers in Kentucky
  • Dr. Stacy D. Shipman - The Role of Self-Awareness in Developing Global Competence: A Qualitative Multi-case Study
  • Dr. John M. Sizemore - Intentional Depth of Knowledge and its Effects on K-12 Student Engagement


  • Dr. Hunt Chouteau Helm - Impacts of the Website Visibility and Family Income on Use of the Net Price Calculator
  • Dr. Mary Beth Stevens - The Effect of a Summer Oral Language and Literacy Intervention on the Literacy Acquisition of At-Risk First Grade Emergent Readers

Alumni Story

Sarah Merimee

“我从来没有计划让我的博士学位但在w88优德体育程序是如此独特。我能够了解这么多比已经帮助塑造了我在我目前的角色作为特殊的助理教授只是我集中区 教育在莫瑞州立大学。不仅是指令例外,但我觉得不断地从我开始,直到我捍卫我的论文的时刻支持。我很感谢我提出去追求这种程度的决定。”

Sarah Merimee, Ph.D.
Department of Adolescent, Career, and Special Education
College of Education and Human Services

Faculty Profiles

Here is a quick snapshot of a few of our faculty members. Read profiles of all of our distinguished faculty.

Grant Smith, Ph.D.

Grant Smith, Ph.D. 是博士课程和研究设计和统计助理教授的椅子。授予代理花费了20年私营部门在运营管理,兼并和收购工作 而设计和可行性研究和工艺改进研究的执行。他的研究兴趣包括问责测量,以及教育成果和经济机会的关系。他收到了 一个学士学位来自佛罗里达大学,博士学位在测量和来自佛罗里达州立大学的统计数据,并在哈佛大学,目前正在完成博士后研究,在那里,他与国家中心工作的老师 Effectiveness at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. At Bellarmine Grant teaches courses in statistics, research methods and evaluation.


David D. Paige, Ed.D., 是在美国肯塔基州路易斯维尔w88优德体育app教育的副教授。经过20年的职业生涯中的企业,博士。佩奇开始了他的职业生涯教育作为一种特殊的教育工作者在城市 中学田纳西州孟菲斯,在那里他教阅读和数学五年与儿童轻度至中度学习障碍均拉出和协作类设置。博士。佩奇完成了他的博士学业 在孟菲斯的医生下的大学。罗伯特·湾库特。佩奇的研究兴趣是诬陷各地扫盲问题,特别是关于朗读流利的青春期的孩子来自贫困方面的作用的。另外, 博士。佩奇工作在城市学校设置调查为改进扫盲成果,教学和教育成果的战略。博士研究。佩奇已经发表在 The Reading Teacher, Reading Psychology, Reading Horizons, 识字的研究和教学,以及肯塔基阅读杂志。他在学校改革周围的兴趣素养和教学,博士的一部分。佩奇最近完成的艺术程度的教学硕士 领导和学校管理和持有肯塔基许可证作为学校管理员。博士。佩奇是目前出纳员和读写研究者和教育(ALER)的协会的董事会成员。

大卫和他的妻子伊丽莎白生活在一个恢复,大约1890年的家在市中心以东的butchertown附近。大卫有四个儿子,加勒特和泰勒谁是在U两种服务。秒。军队,卡梅伦是谁在w88优德体育学生 University, and Logan who is completing high school in Dixie County, Florida.


Donald "DJ" Mitchell Jr., Ph.D.是高等教育领导的教授,主持教育硕士的在高等教育的领导和在w88优德体育app社会公正程序。 DJ的研究和学术注重多样性,平等和包容在高等教育环境中的问题,主要采用定性的方法。更具体地说,他的工作理论和实证探讨种族,性别,身份交叉和交叉性是高等教育环境。

DJ的研究和学术活动已收到当地和国家的认可。他是协会博爱/联谊会顾问和Sigma披小量2018年博士的收件人。查尔斯埃伯利oracle的奖励(与谢永吉普森,jakia玛丽,和Tiffany斯蒂尔);民族志和定性研究会议的2016麦格劳希尔杰出学者奖;美国大学协会的人员2015年新兴学者奖;大峡谷州立大学的2015年杰出早期职业学者奖;多元文化/多种族教育特殊利益集团的美国教育研究协会2014年博士。卡洛斯学家瓦列霍新兴奖学金纪念奖;美国大学协会人员常务委员会男性和男性2014杰出研究奖(与博士darris手段);并且,密歇根大学人员协会2013年约翰·zaugra杰出研究/出版物奖。他还获得了大专联谊会2012年理查德的研究中心mckaig为他的博士论文优秀博士研究奖,“他们是真正的神?:接地黑色的希腊字母组织的影响,对非裔美国人在持久理论白人为主的机构“。他目前担任副主编 Oracle: The Research Journal of the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors and as an editorial board member for the Journal Committed to Social Change on Race and Ethnicity and the Journal of Ethnographic & Qualitative Research.


Dr. Will Wells

Will Wells, Ed.D. 是教学领导和学校管理的助理教授。他赢得了来自路易斯维尔的教育领导和学校管理大学博士学位。 在2016年,博士在w88优德体育加入该系前。井在奥尔德姆县学校进行监督。他作为一个成功的副主管,学校校长,副校长,辅导员和经验 中学教师,在城市和郊区,提供他的经验和专业知识的广泛基础,因为他在这个角色服务。他目前的研究兴趣是系统,结构和政策,改善教师 品质面对面的人工作的嵌入式专业学习,如学院结构,以确保所有学生的学习建立教师能力的其他手段。井教导各种教学领导 and administration courses to graduate students at the masters, specialist, and doctoral levels.

Admission Requirements

考生必须具有学士学位获得和掌握的任何学科的学士学位。在比教育等领域先进度将被认为满足这种要求(例如,JD,MBA,等)。 3.5最低平均成绩在所有研究生课程在申请时间内完成。

For a complete explanation of admission requirements, please visit our Procedure for Admission page.

Tuition and Fees

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Contact Information

Grant Smith, Ph.D., Chair of Doctoral Programs and Assistant Professor
502.272.7921 or

Sara Pettingill, Ph.D., Dean of Graduate Admission
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